Monday, 26 October 2009

Helping Danna and going to the orchard

One of the boy's jobs when staying here is to help feed the birds every morning...

When he was in the garage helping with the bird food he spotted his table and chairs that were outside in the summer and so brought them into the house. They've since been picked up and moved all over the place (and usually dumped in odd and awkward places like doorways).

After a little shopping this morning we went to the yurt for lunch.

It doesn't look like much from the outside...

But inside it's lovely.

The food's great and the sugar tongs made for a good toddler distraction (although I didn't much like having my hair pulled with them!).

The yurt is on an apple farm and we had a good look round the shop and the small stalls they have selling vintage bits and bobs. It's a lovely place to go and spend a few hours.

The boy tried to make his escape at one point but didn't get far...

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