Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Onwards and upwards

Small people have been making their own entertainment over the last few days as they've slowly got back to being healthy. Isabel has a thing for fruit - but mostly it's for chomping it and mushing it rather than eating it. If water can be involved then all the better. So a glass of water and some citrus fruit all within reach meant she had a whale of a time whilst I tried to write lists of everything that needs doing in the next few weeks.

Everyone was well enough to venture out to the gymnastics club at lunchtime. Lost of bouncing, swinging and forward rolls the length of the runway. There's a bit foam filled pit at the end that was jumped in by me as well as the kids - no much you can do about getting out and maintaining your dignity but hey it was fun.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

She's on the mend

She's still a poorly girl but she's only slept for about 40 minutes today instead of only being awake for about that yesterday. And she stole my dinner....

Isaac has two gunky eyes and is feeling very sorry for himself so who knows what the week will bring.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cling monster

I think all parents of small children have days when the little ones are ill and need to be superglued to you. Today was one. Isabel has caught Isaac's cold and is snotty and coughing and just generally under the weather. As usual she refuses to take any medicine and so it will just take its course with lots of cuddles and milk. She's been playing on and off all day but mostly just wants to be on me. I am tired and have another night of dealing with a hot child in bed (last night I ended up in many different places in the bed depending on where she eventually fell back asleep). I may even break my own record and be in bed by 7...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Same stuff, different day

It's a Monday so that means lots of washing, going to the post office and going to the park - pretty much the same as any other day. There's lots of playing, reading of books (I get to read when Isabel naps if I'm lucky) and a few tears and tantrums (mostly from a small girls starting to assert her independence - I swear some days she thinks she's 3, especially with the constant 'why' questions).

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The work of play

It's been a busy play weekend. Isaac has hardly stopped all weekend and has had a lovely time. He went climbing again this morning and then to the swimming pool with friends this afternoon. It's lovely to see my boy who never wanted to be out of my sight happily go off with his friend and their dad.

Isabel hates it when Isaac is out but she does get to play in a different way when she's on her own.

Lots of brushing.

Lots of pee-ple.

And lots of playing under the table.

Oh and demands of 'egg. boiled. toast. dip.' for lunch.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Everyone stand up

Reason number 179 why beige carpets were a bad idea.... blackberries and one small girl! Actually it's mostly come out, I'm impressed with the vanish foam - just a shame we now have a cleaner patch on the carpet cos the rest is filthy. The carpet man is coming in the day we go away for Christmas so at least we'll come back to clean carpets for a whole 10 minutes.

There's been a lot of playing this week and we've been out of the house a lot. I managed to bake a batch of biscuits this morning. The shapes are sweet but the biscuits a bit bland. I need to find a nice basic biscuit recipe. I have great cookie recipes but sometimes I just want a biscuit.

As sure as night follows day Isabel is copying Isaac by standing up in the swings. It's ok until she tries to point to something and then we've had a couple of interesting moments but she holds on pretty tight even with the one hand.