Thursday, 30 June 2011

Digging for treasure

I get daily progress reports as to the lack of treasure but they keep digging....

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A theme is emerging

Yes more pen on a small girl.

And more climbing (she was trying to get up the tree after Isaac this afternoon but is thankfully a long way off that yet).

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More 'B' words

Isaac came home from the street party with a prized possession, a bin. A scaled down version of the compost bins we have on the street. The bin has been to the park. The bin has been to bed with us (flipping the lid before 6am is a crime worse than any other). The bin has been lost many times in the last two days with many tears until it's found again. It's had treasures put in it. It's had rubbish put in it. It's been used to cart bits of stone and slate. It's sat next to him at meals.

This bin is loved.

And as with any prized possession it must be photographed.

There has been a lot of writing going on in the house. Both children will happily spend 20 minutes or so with pen and paper. Both will also draw on themselves and each other.

The white tshirt and the park - not a good mix.

And the other 'b' word of the day, bis(cuit). I had a very willing helper when I was playing ball with the bear earlier. She waited till he'd brought it back before dispensing the treats.

Monday, 27 June 2011

All partied out

At around 6am the small boy rushes out of bed wondering if the bouncy castle is here yet? Err no not yet! It was delivered around 9 though and they were on it before 10. It was packed away a little after 5 and was never empty enough for me to play on it. Isaac wasn't on it for all that time but then he and his buddies did have it mostly to themselves till lunchtime. Isabel has a new word - bounce. It was three heartless men who took the bouncy castle away despite her protests (Isaac was safely in a paddling pool in a neighbour's garden by that stage). There was a Victorian themes and many brave souls dressed up in outfits totally unsuited to the extreme heat (some even stayed in them all afternoon). We went for comfort over style!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

People get ready

there's a street party coming.... but whilst we recover and I wade through 146 photos here's herself enjoying the empty street.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Let them eat dirt

Well it's more a case of trying to stop her really. It's got to be good for the immune system or for sensory play or something though right?

Monday, 20 June 2011

The park again

They could both spend hours on the swings. There's something lovely about seeing children swinging. Something about the freedom that is quintessentially childhood.

There was lots of up and down today and then she took off out of the play area to explore some more but got stuck in the gate and then had a melt down when her brother got in the buggy and then spent the rest of the afternoon complaining because she was in the buggy but didn't want to be or wasn't in it and did.

The climbing tree kept her happy for a few moments whilst the boy did lots of climbing up and down and sitting thinking.

And then we went off to see the gym equipment and she was bullish about what she wanted to go on.

Both of them are spending a lot of time with pens and paper. Only one eats the results though...

There was much gingerbread made. I ran out of plain flour though so they're half whole meal which actually worked quite well but I need to remember to up the amount of ginger as they're very mild.