Sunday, 27 January 2013

Muddy muddy muddy

So the snow has gone, the rain has been and today we had sun. So off to a very wet and muddy park we all went. Isabel with her 'crown' and chick and the dog with a ball. We should have taken wellies as there were some amazing puddles but as it was it was dog who went puddle jumping. He was a filthy happy bear. 

Lego is a big hit at the moment. The Christmas gifts have been supplemented with some ebay wheels and chassis and a base board. We had 31 vehicles earlier and some have been taken apart to create new ones since. We have a growing selection of mini figures (often headless as Isaac likes to have one body with many heads...). Whilst we have a few kits with instructions most of the building that's done is creative. Isaac isn't keen on basic building (although Isabel likes building with bricks and will sit and build a walls etc) but enjoys making these odd wheeled creations. I'd happy that he's more interested in his imagination than following someone else's instructions. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow boy

Ladybirds and snow.

Our lovely friend Kerry is a whizz with balloons and we came away from there with a Buzz Lightyear, a gun and a ladybird. They've both been played with lots and the ladybird went in the bath (and lost its eyes) but they're still going strong.

We had a few inches of snow on Friday. Snow is something I still measure in inches, it doesn't seem right saying it in metric somehow.

I found some comments that had been stuck waiting to be moderated (sorry Jo!). I am a technical dunce so didn't know that was possible but I shall try and tick all the right boxes so that I at least get told there is a comment...

Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow day.

We have the smallest smattering of snow this morning so Isaac was out there as soon as he got up to play. Isabel was less keen but once I went out with Isaac she wanted to come too, although she only stayed out for a few minutes. Isaac has been wanting to go somewhere snowy for weeks and has been collecting up any spare change he can find in the hopes that it'd be enough for him to go somewhere snowy. I'm hoping this will satisfy him for a little while.