Tuesday, 15 December 2009


After being told that the new play park would be ready by Wimbledon (June!) and work not beginning until the end of July (when I say beginning I mean they took everything away and then did nothing for several months). Today with no fanfare, announcements or anything the new park was open! There are still a couple of bits that are fenced off to allow the grass to bed in (cos putting grass under a slide is such a good idea...) but at least the swings and the climbing frames are open.

So even though it's very cold and the weather's miserable we went for a play.

The other major drawback of the new park is that they've spent a fortune on landscaping but there are no benches. So if parents want to perch anywhere there's the ground or a few rocks... Not so good when you're 6 months pregnant and need to be off your feet.

And even more fun that the swings and everything else was the big puddle in the car park!

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