Thursday, 23 August 2012

In the trees

Not quite two and a half and she can climb the tree. Isaac is a compulsive climber - he sees something and the next thing he's half way up it, it's like Labradors with muddy ditches. Isabel isn't driven by the same compulsion but she knows something fun when she sees it and she's a determined little soul. 

She's driving her car complete with brum brum noises.

Both of them in the car.

We went on a park hunt but couldn't find the one I was looking for and ended up at an old favourite which is always deserted. There's a huge buddleia bush that was teeming with butterflies. They were very high up and hard to see but we kept getting dive bombed by them on their way to and from the bush.

They found a caterpillar in the little house - to my untrained eye it looks like a cinnabar moth caterpillar but I'm sure my mum will tell me if I'm wrong.

Isabel wanted to carry the picnic bag home. She didn't get very far. 

Yesterday I did find the new park. It's a little too challenging for Isabel and even Isaac struggled with some of the climbs. We'll wait till he's a bit older to go back, I think but we had lots of fun.

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