Saturday, 15 September 2012


If I'm lucky on a Saturday I get some time on my own to do things that don't get interrupted by small children. So far today that includes making brownies and cake for tomorrow. Buying dinosaurs and other bits and bobs and doing a little sewing for my friend's daughter's 6th birthday. A little travel drawing pack (from this tute). Do read the tute through a few times. With my fabric it mattered which way up the pieces were so I had to move the velcro when I first put it on. Also the spacing on the channels - work from left to right and the right hand one will be a little bigger but that's where your outside seam will be so if you over sew it then they'll all be pretty even. The channels will fit chunkier pens so I popped 2 pencils in each one. The fabric is Aneela Hoey. 

Meanwhile the kids were doing this and other adventures on a day out in London.


  1. wish I was 6 with a birthday just around the corner!...that's lovely

  2. It's absolutely fantastic.
    She is going to love it.