Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cosy spaces

I dropped a glow stick down behind the sofa this afternoon and as I had to pull the sofa out to get to it the kids took advantage of the space and made a hidey-hole. Light, snacks and drinks were provided. 

Self portrait... his technique maybe needs some work.

And then I moved the front room around and in doing so Isaac found a box I'd stored behind the sofa in there. He had great fun hiding in it, packing it with things to deliver and generally playing in it. Some things just never get old and a big cardboard box is always fun.

Having the tv back out again meant another move around in the front room. And the desire to maybe have a fire this winter meant moving the piano.

I like changing things around. We've lived in this house for nearly 10 years which is a bit of a change from the many houses I'd lived in in the 10 years previously. I don't much like moving but I do like the feeling of being in a new space and seeing the space and the things in a new way.

I ran out of steam and time though so still had work to do before anyone could sit on the sofa.

The moon was amazing tonight and Jupiter was bright next to it. Shame my camera can't cope with it.

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