Monday, 26 January 2009

Arting About

Well today was a day of getting out and doing things - nothing very exciting but it was a lovely day so getting out of the house was a priority. 

Since I had Isaac my handbag has got larger and larger and less and less interesting so as I was in and out all day and didn't need to have a spare nappy and change of clothes and everything else I decided to dig out a proper handbag. It's very girly and makes me smile. And surprisingly Isaac didn't seem to empty it like he does my other bags. Here's a close up of it in the winter sun.

I've been thinking for a while that I should take a camera with me when I go out and about. Partly it's a desire to record things so that we can talk about them later and partly it's that there are so many photo opportunities when you have a small child around. Today I finally managed it. It felt like I was doing my photography GCSE again. I was quite self-conscious about framing a picture and seeing beauty in the mundane. And all the time I had to have one eye on the toddler. 

Our park is a beautiful place though - if a little run down in places - and the winter sun was lovely so I took loads of photos but mostly just, 'this is a pretty park' type ones. But in amongst everything else I saw some great shots. Whether I caught them or not was a different story (and we won't go into the many attempts to get a shot of a squirrel!). 

I'd like to say that I then got creative with some paints as I really like this image.

And I should have taken a long shot of it to show the context. Modern art or vandalism? It's a bit of graffiti on the back of one of the signs. I like it though and I'm glad that if nothing else starting this blog has made me look for images like this. 

There's giggling and tummy tickling in the background so a lovely end to a sunny January day :~)

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