Saturday, 31 January 2009

Don't you just hate it when...

I'm aware that my intention to post daily has slipped already so I was looking for images today and trying to frame something normal and everyday but still see some art in it. I liked the colours in this grouping with the orange on the edges and all that turquoise (I didn't stage any of this just took it as it was). The colours are great but the image doesn't really move me.

As soon as Isaac saw the camera he wanted to play with it and instead of going for the on/off button as he used to he remembered where the button was that made the flash go off (and take a frame, although he doesn't care about that). Obviously he's not looking and framing the image but his scattergun and off-centre shots have a certain charm (although that's maybe just my Mum-eyes!). Excuse the nappies at the edge [blush].

So the moral of this is, not to over-think things but just snap away... 

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