Thursday, 10 September 2009

Catching up

The boy got quite a few gifts of money for his birthday and while most of it has gone into his bank account he's also had a few gifts bought with it. One of them is a tree house. It's a Treeblocks tree house but bought from ebay. It's great as it's quite unformed and open so he can make it lots of things other than a house. The top section isn't attached so can be all sorts of things and often ends up taken off. Mostly he's been playing with the swing and pushing toys through the doorways. It's the perfect size for his Duplo animals and he's got some lovely wooden animals from Granny and Grandpa that fit well (and suit the wood much more).

It was our friend Megan's 3rd birthday last weekend and Isaac had a lovely time dressing up in her 'bling' and feeling the music (literally) through the speakers.

He also had a little play on her new bike.

Life returned to normal this week including some more measuring.

Using the washing powder measuring cups as mittens.

And sticking stickers on mummy.

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