Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nearly New Sale Time Again

It was the twice yearly NCT nearly new sale this weekend and as well as helping out I did a little shopping... And got given a few things that hadn't sold beforehand.

So the boy now has a bag - he loves it! And a scooter which he's not yet mastered but he's having fun trying.

We got some practical things like a new change mat and some maternity clothes and then a big bag of cars, trucks, motorbikes and helicopters.

It's been a big hit!

I was talking to my friend Debs on Thursday about toddler behaviours and she mentioned how her oldest (now nearly 10) used to line up his cars. Lo and behold on Saturday one of the first things Isaac did with his big bag of cars was to line them up.

Even on the table when we went out for Chinese.

Ages and ages and ages ago I made a pair of trousers (loosely based on the 10 minute trousers pattern here but I forgot to do the back at an angle - hence the nappy showing out of the waistband - and these are reversible) which were huge. They're still rolled up twice at the bottom so have plenty of growing room but otherwise they fit him well. He's loving wearing them and I'll make some more when I have a spare hour or so (10 minutes may be accurate for unlined ones when you've had a bit of practice but the cutting alone takes me longer than that).

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