Monday, 20 December 2010

And then it snowed

So we've been having to make entertainment indoors including a wrap hammock over the dining table for the boy.

There has been the odd outing into the snow - mostly because we needed provisions.

Isabel is loving rattling the latches board.

I have to photograph her surreptitiously because as soon as she spots the camera she heads for it.

The boy has a temperature again - he seems mostly ok just hot. So he's been mostly watching cbeebies but we did do a little painting this morning.

And then he helped me with some baking. I have fond memories of making mince pies with my Gran and it's always a pleasure to use these baking tins. I would have liked to make mince pies but as we didn't have any mince meat it had to be jam tarts.

This is what happens to pastry when you have small helpers.

They tasted ok though!

Isaac likes to lie on the floor and be a patient - as I lay down to talk to him a small girl headed my way and lay her head on me. It was very sweet.

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