Thursday, 2 December 2010


The boy is disappointed with the lack of snow we've had and takes every opportunity he can to go outside and scrape us some ice to eat before then coming back inside crying because his hands are cold. Persuading him to put boots and a coat on takes some doing and now that he can open doors himself he's been scurrying out in his bare feet and PJs. He was delighted this morning to get some proper snow (for all of the 10 minutes that it lasted) and so suffered the indignity of a coat and some boots before charging out into it.

Isabel is happy to be inside and is expanding her areas of exploration. The kitchen is a favourite now she's realised there are cupboards and she can open them. I managed to distract her for a while yesterday by giving her an orange to play with.

Isaac and his friend did some tree decorations today and then waited impatiently for the icing to set before devouring them.

Isabel played her favourite game.

Until she spotted me

And then she had to come over

And I made rainbows with a little help.

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