Saturday, 5 February 2011

Long days

The days feel long at the moment. There's very little down time in the day (oh how I miss the boy having a nap) and the weather's making going out for long periods pretty unappealing. It's lovely that the boy is really into his play but I don't always want to play too. I'm trying not to be grumpy about it though - I mean look at that face! I can never tire looking at it.

Although he does have a lot to say for himself....

The girl has discovered 'outside'. She was pushing the dog aside every time I opened the door today.

And she can just about reach the piano keys.

We had lots of playing with hats - the sofa is a pirate ship but we only have the one pirate hat so others have to be used too.

Roll on spring!


  1. Oh he has gorgeous eyes! I know that feeling of the walls closing in...argh...

  2. He really looks like you Hannah! And yes, these days are too long, especially with my own nap to think about!