Saturday, 26 February 2011

What we've been up to...

Danna came for a few days and brought the knits she's been working on - colours chosen by Isaac. Photos of them together are always very hit and miss - to get this

we had lots of these...

Just before Matthew left we went out for lunch and ended up with an impromptu carry with Isaac in the rain - scuse the sloppy wrap job.

Good job the brolly was see-through.

We reached the 11 month mark. I'm sure she thinks she's 3 though as she wants to do everything her brother does.

Every few days the cry goes up that he wants to go and play in the to shop. We rarely buy anything but we do lots of trying out...

We do daily (many times a day) train tracks. I really don't mind building them buy pushing a train around them is boring when you're 37 - I guess I'm just not as imaginative as Isaac.

The piano is Isabel's favourite thing at the moment.

The boy is honing his portraiture skills.

And erm... 'smiling' for the camera

Isabel is at the stage where everything is 'in'. She climbs in every box, basket or bath and dips things in and out of mugs, bowls and any other receptacle she can find - well it is important to clean your stone before you suck it....

Outdoor play always ends the same way...

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  1. Loving both of those knits. Isaac has great colour choices.