Monday, 9 January 2012

Making a splash

So with the mild (for January anyway) weather we've spent most of the day outside. Some of us even had clothes on. Both kids were dressed to go to the park this morning although Isaac shed his coat at the earliest opportunity and refused to put it on again. Then this afternoon both of them spent a good potion of the day pouring water and splashing in mud. That then meant a pre-dinner bath which meant neither of them wanted a bath at bed time and so they were both hyped and wouldn't go to sleep. That's the hardest time when I'm on my own with the kids - trying to read Isaac a bedtime story whilst Isabel jump-olines (her word for a trampoline) on the bed with raucous giggles and an audience of one. Eventually I get annoyed as there's no point in me reading to someone who isn't listening and I can't see the story as she keeps flopping onto the book and it all descends from there. The dog does his best to keep Isaac company on the bed (even when Isaac's come downstairs to play again because he can't sleep) and I'm lucky if they're in bed before 9. It feels like a long day when I've been up since 6 (with many night wakings). And it's only day one....

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  1. Oh bedtime alone when you can't take a child each is hell. I face it tomorrow, thankfully for just one day, but I dread every second of it!