Sunday, 8 January 2012

Natural born performers

Children love an audience - give them something that acts as a stage too and well it's a natural consequence that you will get a performance.

Make up from a chocolate coin...

Lots of dialogue...

Lots and lots of gestures to go with the chattering.

It's January. You wouldn't know it in the garden though. The neighbourhood magnolia trees are beginning to bud. There are cherry trees in the park that are covered in pink bloom and we played out in the garden this afternoon. Both kids were happy to go out without coats on (and Isaac without his trousers....) but after a while I insisted on a few more layers. We only came in because it was getting dark.

The traffic cone makes for a VERY loud megaphone. Sorry neighbours. (erm those are his sister's pj trousers he's wearing...)

Yes that would be my 21 month old daughter climbing up on top of the top bit of the climbing frame. No it's fine I don't need to worry she only wants to stand on the top and hold her hands in the air and go 'ta daa'. She got herself down again with a bit of coaching and then spent 20 minutes saying 'I did it'.

It's impossible to capture the sunset on my camera but it was very pretty.

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