Sunday, 12 February 2012

Henna fun

We had a lovely Blessingway for one of my friends today and as part of it I did some henna - I've never done it before except for a quick practice yesterday and watching some video tutorials online ( had the best videos) so it was a bit daunting to have a real live bump to play on. It wasn't perfect but it will look great when the henna has taken (artistic flourishes were added by a proper artist at the end).

My two were out for most of the day but returned in time to have a little henna fun - Isaac was very willing to be the artist and lots of lovely mamas were good spirited in allowing him free rein of their hands. He went a bit over the top with mine though and it had to be washed off.

Matthew is off again tomorrow and Isaac feels the transitions strongly so wanted some wrap cuddles. I got to play with a friend's lovely Oscha roses - such a beautiful wrap, shame about the photo.