Wednesday, 15 February 2012


You gotta love it when the children do tag team sickness. Add in another trip for Matthew and my heart sinks. Thankfully neither child was ill for long but I could do without the disturbed sleep, the late nights and early mornings at the start of a 2 week period of being on my own.

We managed to get out and exchange books (mine) and DVDs (Isaac's) at the library and have a quick play in the park.

Isaac has taken to borrowing things from friends. This is sweet in some ways but the need to keep track of and care for all these various treasures causes a little maternal stress. It was very sweet though that he went to sleep in the safety goggles last night though.

Isabel's favourite food is whatever's on my plate. She may have the same food on hers but it's just not as appetising as what's on mine. Mostly I don't mind but there are times when I get a little hungry watching my lunch disappear...

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  1. Yep, my food is way more interesting than Ernest's, even if it's exactly the same. I do get fed up when he takes my food and throws it rather than eats it though. :0(