Monday, 30 July 2012

Camping, of sorts.

This weekend was spent mostly in a field. I help to organise a camp with one of the forums I'm on and it was this weekend at our local scout camp - local so I can go to my own bed at night if needed. That's one of the perks of organising it! The kids had a fantastic time. I barely saw them on Friday as they were off playing with friends and exploring. Isaac and Matthew camped on Friday night and Isaac wanted to stay in the tent on Saturday too but that didn't work out as Isabel kept escaping under the door and mama patience was wearing thin so we jumped in the car and came home. It was a great weekend and having said last year that this was the last year I was being involved I seem to have already committed to another year. We'll see if I can manage to camp next year. There aren't many photos as my camera hardly made it out of the bag all weekend. 

Today has been a quiet day at home recovering. The highlights of the day have been a local teen friend who comes and plays with the kids for some pocket money in the holidays and then the veg box arriving. Isabel worked her way through a whole bag of peas.

Isaac has a lovely henna butterfly left over from the weekend.

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