Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fairy, bee, snail, cone and dog

Both kids are lovely to be around at the moment. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment. Yesterday Isabel was being a fairy and getting rid of monsters. We had a good 20 minutes or more of it. 

She's very particular about what she wears. This is a top for a 5 year old which I had put away in a drawer for when she's older but she found it and has claimed it as her dress even though it keeps falling off her. It rained most of the day yesterday and wasn't all that warm but she was only wearing that and not anything with sleeves. 

Today has been lovely. We've had actual sun.

I was planning on making the most of it and going out to a playground with the kids but the novelty of being able to play out in their own garden meant we stayed at home instead. I managed to do some weeding and tidying and make it look a little more like a garden and less like a wilderness.

A huge bee flew into the house and was having trouble getting out. I caught it in a tub and set it free again.

We have gazillions of snails in the garden (and one or two in the house). Isabel says they're yucky and shouts at me until I throw them into the alley. Isaac's happier to let them be.

We had a picnic tea. Much watermelon was eaten.

Isaac has adopted a bit of my old computer and it gets played with a lot. It was a cityscape today for his rocket (TB1) that arrived from ebay today after he took a shine to his friend's at the weekend.

I had washed the green 'dress' and it was hanging on the line until it was spotted and put on. It's back in the wash again...

The cone is used regularly. Isaac thinks it's the best thing ever and yells all sorts of things very loudly though it. Isabel thought it was great fun to put her head in and get the full blast.

This sums up all a Labrador's woes - the table is the wrong height for seeing exactly what's left on it that you're going to steal later...

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