Friday, 12 October 2012


We had friends round on Monday who brought cakes - Isabel was amazed by a cream meringue with strawberries on it. She couldn't believe that she could eat all of it including the basket bit on the bottom. She had a lovely time! And yes she ate all of it save for a small bit at the end that the dog somehow got hold of when she was distracted. 

We have some stilts - so far I'm the only one who can do them unaided but both kids love trying them. Isaac's cast is now off but we have to be extra careful for the next few weeks as the bones still need time to heal fully. He's a bit sore again now the support of the cast has gone but he's slowly getting used to using his hand properly again.

I had a couple of boxes of nappies delivered and unpacked them downstairs - when I came back the boxes were full again... Both lids could close, just for the record.

After two years with no tv we've introduced it again. There are a lot of DVD watched and the computer is taking a bit of a bashing from all the use so it makes more sense to have the tv out again. Isaac is remote control guarder. The room will need a bit of a move round again to make it work properly. The drum kit has gone under Isaac's bed for now - we'll see if it stays or not.

The unit was bought from our local recycling centre - a great big warehouse with old furniture and bits and bobs - it cost £5 and just the right sort of thing for out alcoves.


  1. Where is this local recycling centre and why did I not know about it! Donna x

    1. Farthinghoe - just before the village. It's great. Books for 70p, all sorts of cupboards and drawers and random bits of furniture (most could do with a lick of paint) and some kid's toys & bikes, washing machines etc. Anything that can be recycled and sold on. I've never paid more then £10 for any bit of furniture so far & I'm sure you could haggle if you think something is over priced.

  2. Love the stilts and box games! :)