Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chilly park fun

Some days it's hard to get everyone out of the house but as we had to go to the pet shop to buy some more dog food (the bear is getting fussy in his old age and refused the new lower fat food so we've had to go back to his old stuff - it all looks like cardboard to me but apparently some is inedible) we popped along to a very wet and muddy park for an hour or so. 

Isabel was wearing pyjama top, summer leggings, a summer hat and no coat... She did finally put her cardi on just before we left. 

Isaac has had a cardboard tube all week that is his 'lightsaver' (lightsaber) or sometimes his gun... more in the next post. 

He wasn't threatening to hit her just waving the lightsaver around and she wanted in on the photo.

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