Thursday, 7 February 2013

Weekend fun.

On Saturday Matthew took Isaac into London for a work thing (Isaac then went off with a friend to look at dinosaurs) and so I had a day alone with Isabel. We popped into town to get a few bits. She has a very distinct sense of style does our Iz. She's worn her 'crown' for many many days - I often have to take it off her sleeping head. And she loves her 'clip clops' which are plastic dressing up shoes - she wore them the whole way into town and all the way around town and would not wear anything else. She also had her bag and was talking on her phone a lot - odd as I hardly ever talk on a phone. Oh and it was very cold but she refused to wear a coat (this is a recurring theme) but she did have her pink dressing up skirt on under her dress so maybe that kept her warm...?

Whilst we were shopping she spotted this hair band. It was a HUGE hit. The crown went in her bag and she wore this for the next couple of days until it got broken.

We're at that point where she can't quite manage every day without a nap but if she does have a nap (even a brief one) she won't go to sleep till late. She finally fell asleep after 10 the other night and then scooted over to the other side of the sofa and made herself comfy...

We've been having fun at the Pinto Lounge of late. It's got a good atmosphere and is child friendly with toys and colouring as well as squeaky cheese!

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