Monday, 4 March 2013

Fun with cardboard.

Any time we get a big cardboard box I pack it flat and stick it behind the sofa. I thought it was a secret stash but Isaac found it. So we built a space rocket amongst other things. 

I had to make them both wings (look at the state of that mirror!).

I rarely carry Isabel these days but she wanted to come up and we had a lovely short carry. She's heavy!

Sensory play. AKA helping refill the dog food box.

Isaac has learnt to jump on his scooter and he's always on the look out for other ways to do tricks or make it more likely he'll get hurt as I see it. He spent a good 15 minutes running along the sleepers and then jumping onto his scooter before starting all over again. He was only happy if he planted his feet in exactly the right spot.

Thankfully Isabel just used her scooter to balance on the sleeper.

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