Monday, 4 March 2013

Oh so cold.

Last weekend we had a lovely lunch with friends and then stopped off at a park on the way home. It was so cold. The wind was biting and bleak. The kids really really wanted to play though. Isabel is in that threenager stage of being very definite about life and especially in what she will and won't wear. She had cropped trousers on, no socks and a thin coat. I managed to put another thin coat over the top after a while as even she admitted she was cold but even so it wasn't much to stave off the wind. 

 Isaac thankfully has gone through the no clothes stage and will wear winter coats although he's just grown and now his coat doesn't fit him. 3/4 sleeves are all the rage, no?

The joy of slings. I had this wrapped round me (and was very glad of the extra warmth) but had to give it up when she wanted to be a baby in the swing.

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