Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cherries and a big tent

The hot weather has meant a lot of outdoor play and the best way to keep cool is obviously to be wet. I'm so glad we've not had a hosepipe ban or I don't know what we'd do. 

We are going to try camping again. I figure the only way it's going to be at all worthwhile is if we throw some money at it and make it as comfortable as sleeping in a plastic bag can be. (Can you tell I'm not a fan?) We have bought a BIG tent and as it's too big to put it up in the garden I took it to the park for a trial run and to check I could put it up. The kids had fun running around in it.

There a couple of cherry trees in this park and they're loaded this year. The kids had great fun picking and eating them but they did look like they'd butchered something or someone afterwards.


  1. That's a very 'comfy' looking plastic bag!

  2. HUGE tent! I don't 'do' camping...