Monday, 22 July 2013

Florence Day

Today Florence would have been 4. 4 is big. 4 is a well defined personality and lots of great anecdotes. 4 is memories.

On a day when there is hysteria about the wife of a prince being in labour and the world is waiting for news all I can think about is waiting for Jeanette to come back online and tell us her news. And waiting. And nothing. Because the news was so devastating that it took time and privacy to process before letting the world in on her grief. It has been a privilege to share some of that journey with her even though I'm at a distance. It's lovely to see that some of sharpness of the pain is fading, even though it will never go. Those precious few moments that Florence lived are not much to build memories on. But she lived. She mattered. She matters. Whilst she is remembered she is not fully gone.

It's a small thing to remember. But it means everything. Florence is one of many. I know too many parents who have lost children one way or another. All of them matter. All are loved.

If you want to read about Florence you can read her story here. She has an amazing family and I know they miss her. 

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  1. Thank you Hannah, and thank you for always being there and always remembering. (LOVE the hydrangea). x