Saturday, 16 May 2009

I Swing. And other park adventures.

As part of the regeneration of the local park they're chopping down some trees and making others safe (ie chopping off loads of branches). The upshot of this is mounds of earth and wood chippings appearing in the park as if we've had an attack of very large moles. It's hard to show how steep this pile of earth is but Isaac had great fun climbing it and then running down it before sitting and digging in it. Matthew said Finny was digging in it this morning too. 

We were having so much fun (well I say we, Isaac was having the fun, we were watching) on the way home from shopping that Matthew went and got the bear for a bonus walk. 

Isaac decided to head off to the play park though which dogs aren't allowed in so we didn't spend long as a family group.

I've been reading this week about how swinging (along with lots of other outdoor playing activities) helps the brain develop. I'm glad that's true but when it comes down to it it's also plain fun! Isaac said "I swing" at one point today and he takes obvious delight in it.

As do I!

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