Monday, 25 May 2009

Lessons from a toddler

So the lessons I learnt from my 21 month old today are, amongst others:

1) Lie back and look at the sky. 

This was done by pushing me over and gently guiding my head to the floor so that I was lying flat and looking up, he then went and lay down next to me and looked at the sky. 

2) No no seriously, lie back.

Every time I tried to get up I was reminded to take my time and rest a while.

3) roll around a little. OK so you get a bit dusty but it's fun!

4) lie back some more

5) oh and take your shoes off to do all the lying back, it's much better!

And finally.
6) put the camera down!

He took this picture, looked at the screen and said 'mummy', turned the camera off and put it in my bag.

We also did lots of running, playing with a ball and swinging and Isaac did some sliding too (I can't fit on the slide....).

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