Saturday, 9 May 2009

I want to ride my bicycle

We've been doing a little painting and have been breaking Striker's rules by using two colours. Isaac was painting just with the blue as we've not done much art recently but he saw the red on top of the fridge and asked for it (using the sign for red) so I wasn't going to say no. I like Striker's ideas but I'm all for being child-led.

We spent a fun hour or so in the park this afternoon. Isaac loves the seesaw. And wouldn't get off it. As usual though he was doing lots of looking around whilst playing and kept taking his hands (and feet) off to point at something or make a sign or just bounce!

And then we went home and he got on his bike. His legs are long enough now that he can reach the pedals and make them move but he's been going backwards only until today. He still finds it harder to go forwards than backwards but he was getting better by the minute. 

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