Thursday, 18 June 2009

Beach, Bird, Birch, Bus.

Are you getting fed up of the beach shots yet? Well tough!

This morning we went rock pooling. It's not proper rock pooling as there were no fairy pools but it was fun none the less.

Bear did a lot of running. Into the sea, out of the sea etc etc. He's a very friendly dog when he's wet.

This is my favourite kind of beach shot. I love a sandy beach but let's face it they're a bit dull to look at.

Isaac and Danna a very long way away (this was on the full zoom).

Danna is a keen birder and has lots of feeders in her garden so there's usually lots of noise as the starling squabble over the feeders or the smaller birds chirp away. But it went very quiet at lunchtime.

This was the cause.

A male sparrowhawk for those of you who don't know ;~)

And then we went for a walk wearing my lovely OliviaBolivia carrier with Lara Cameron birch fabric. This is such a great toddler carrier and feels so comfy.

And Isaac loves the hood on it and insists on putting it up all the time.

We went past the high school at home time and it was toddler heaven. Lots and lots of buses that then proceeded to drive down the road after us.

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