Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Music Box

Well the bear was happy as we were all in the living room together in the early evening.

And then the music box came out! It's been hiding behind the beanbag for a while so it was a novelty to have it out again.

There was much drumming.

A bit of very loud banging with the charity shop bells that are louder than Concorde.

Some harmonica. I highly recommend these for children as they can get a nice sounding noise very easily and it's easy on the parental ear too.

A bit of Triola - most of the time Isaac has it turned round the 'wrong' way so that he uses his thumb on the keys but every now and then he turns it round.

The old favourites of the sandpaper blocks, although there wasn't much swishing it was mostly just loud clapping.

The battle of the castanets.

If the dog could have put his paws over his ears he would have done!

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