Friday, 26 June 2009

Swing, swing ,swing

We had a long play in the park this morning with lots of climbing.

A little bit of feeding of the animals (he stood right at the furthest reach of where Finn was tied up so the poor dog nearly starved!).

And then he had to do more climbing.

And not content with going up one way he had to go up the other too...

And then climb even higher when he got to the top.

We did a bit of running.

And then a lot of lying.

Some swinging.

And some more swinging.

And yet more swinging.

The conversation of the day was mostly 'more swing'.

The a few chores.

Before a bit of drawing (note to self don't allow small child to walk around with a red marker pen, especially when the chairs have cream covers on...).

Isaac's favourite food of the moment.

And no this isn't a shop it's my mum's cupboard with locally made pottery.

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