Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Another 50p toy and some dough

After not being interested for months in his play dough the boy has suddenly decided it's the best thing in the world and so we've had 2 days of rolling balls and making rings and then baking dough in the toy oven on mummy's bread tins.

We've also had the re-emergence of the duck whistle- it was 50p in the joke shop at my mum's. It has great comedy value and makes a satisfying sound. The dog is not impressed with it though.

And the bread tins when stacked up make 2 trains. I love the way he's getting imaginative in his play.

And the other news of the day is that we had the 20 week scan and we have a lovely lively healthy baby girl in the house in my tummy.

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  1. A girl!!! How very exciting :-) Glad all is well with her x