Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Boy in a bag and rainbow overload.

Sometimes the best fun is with the simplest things...

A big paper sack provides fun for both boy and bear (although then persuading the bear not to play with it whilst the boy is in it took a bit of doing...). Please excuse the Superboy pants! He loves wearing pants and isn't fussy whether they're on the inside or outside.

I've had some bits of ribbon for a while that Isaac plays with but inspired by a thread elsewhere I bought some more rainbow ribbon. You can then tie them to a wooden spoon but we have a recorder cleaner hanging around which lends itself well to having ribbons threaded through it. At some point I'll stitch them on instead of using a big ugly knot but for now it works really well. The boy loves twirling round and getting dizzy and a rainbow wand just adds to the fun!

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