Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Slowly catching up

We have been with snot for the last week so not been up to much and not getting much sleep. We're slowly making our way back into the world and trying to catch up on life.

Toddlers can be funny eaters, mine likes to eat very healthy crackers with lots of seeds on them. Preferably whilst sitting on the table of course...

The bump is getting bigger and more active (well she's probably always been active but I'm now feeling it in more places.

I have a pair of my Gran's old shoes that I keep as a memento. The boy has adopted them and likes nothing more than to wander around the house in heels. One day he'll thank me for posting these pictures on the internet for all to see.... honest!

We don't have a Montessori sensory box with spices and things in for him to smell. We just have the spice rack in the kitchen and he helps himself! One of these days he's going to end up yellow but so far he just takes the lids off and smells.

It was Jake's 10th birthday on Sunday and I made some brownies to take round there and share - I made double what I needed so we had some at home too!

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