Thursday, 11 February 2010

Passing time

Well about now I should have been snuggling up with a newborn. Sometimes this pregnancy has felt unreal as the start was so full of mixed feelings as I'd just lost a baby at 5 weeks and then got pregnant straight away afterwards. So here I am with about 5 weeks to go thinking about what could have been and also thinking of friends who should have been holding their twins around now too. I at least have another birth to look forward to.

I made some quick snacks today - date and walnut popped in the blender and made into crumbs and then squished into balls. A quick and tasty snack (I guessed at the proportions and it wouldn't stick very well so I added a tiny bit of orange juice too). The boy seemed to like them as he kept going back to get more.

Fun with mummy's sunnies.

And a self-portrait.

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