Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lots of paint

I don't know where this week's gone! Everything feeds to be speeding up at the moment.

We've had lots of demands to paint this week and I've been using watercolours either on normal card stock or on watercolour paper instead of the paints sold for children. I have to say the whole experience is so much nicer and as you use the watercolours diluted it doesn't have to be more expensive.

Small boy rediscovered the cans of shaving foam in the painting drawer and was all for using them in the kitchen so off we traipsed to the bathroom for some messy fun.

I don't like using foam too often as it can't be good for his skin but he seems fairly resilient and he has such a good time. I swear the boy will develop webbed feet though as he spends a lot of time in the shower in a morning both with me and whilst I'm getting dressed and has some playtime in the bath in the evenings too so an extra bath after foam play will mean 3 lots of water today (and that's not counting 'helping' with the washing up).

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