Thursday, 25 February 2010


It's been a day for dens. The dining table has been utlised between all meals as a haven for small boys and animals. (Mummy got in on the act too but at 36 weeks pregnant getting out again wasn't pretty!)

The boys spends a lot of his day on the phone (old mobiles and toys) having pretend conversations with various people. I don't really know where he gets his obsession from as I hate using the phone.

When he wasn't under the table he was under a chair or under the duvet (although he seems to have lost the art of having a nap in the last few days which is poor timing for my stage of pregnancy).

Under the table is usually where the dog spends mealtimes so as soon as he saw the fur being put down he thought it was for him! He made an exit when one too many toys got thrown in though.

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