Friday, 5 November 2010

Daddy's beans

We find trains everywhere in our house at the moment - they come to bed with us too. Today was a first though, trains parked very neatly on the piano.

Lunch was Daddy's beans. I'm not entirely sure how they got the name but bean salad from the supermarket is a firm favourite with the boy but only if stolen from Daddy and not if served up on his own plate.

The play silks were out this afternoon and much fin was had. Apparently I was a scarecrow (we sang the dingla dangle scarecrow at toddler group this morning) and Isaac had to climb on top.

Isabel loves playing peek a boo with them.

I had to have my feet measured - if he's bored his favourite thing to do is to take my socks off and do something with my feet.
First we had the tape measure.

And then we had the slider like they have at the shoe shop - well sort of...

There was a run away zebra this afternoon. I found him later at the top of the stairs. All the cheese he ate must have given him lots of energy.

And when I was feeding Isabel I heard noises from the kitchen... The boy was drawing a moon in turmeric on a baking sheet.

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  1. Awww you just reminded me how my little brother used to play with my Mums feet when he was a little boy. My Mum took advantage and often gave him a pot of cream so she could get a foot massage, and a rest!