Tuesday, 16 November 2010

That sinking feeling

We're all full of cold here so after a night of disturbed sleep as one or other child needed me I was delighted to pass them onto their dad at just before 6am (it's been closer to 5 most of the last couple of weeks) so I could try and sleep a little. At some point after 7 a small girl was deposited back in bed and fed once more and then a little before 8 a small boy with cold hands came crying for more milk (he'd been playing with the ice from his sand box as it was a very cold night last night). I managed to get breakfast, feed children and empty potties. One load of washing got put in and another put to dry. Bod was employed so I could have a shower. Said shower was cut short by baby falling over whilst free-ranging in the bathroom. Comforting of baby was cut short due to cries from downstairs (boy had dropped his pitta bread and the bear had eaten it). So still in a towel and carrying a heavy baby I made more pitta, tried to banish the dog bashing baby's head on the door frame in the process, whilst comforting baby dog sneaks back out again... you get the picture. But by 10am we were all dressed and my sink was shined*.

The rest of the kitchen was still the same but hey the sink was clear!

The boy was in bed before lunch. He must be ill. I'd like to do the same but the baby is awake, typical.

*for sink shining rationale see the Fly Lady (I make no pretence of doing the Fly Lady routine but she's right about the sink).


  1. Lovely sink, I am totally neglecting mine at the moment :-( x

  2. Nice sink. Mine is plastic :(

  3. Yup, I do the sink thing. ((((hugs))) for all the poorly peeps and the tired Mummy. x