Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The long drive

One of the favourite play things in the big park at my Mum's is the old and battered frame of a car. This time we were driving to Switzerland before we could get out and play on anything else...

And then he spotted some red cars driving past whilst he was on the swing and he then had to jump down and go an paint his car red.

Obviously I had to hold the paint pot whilst he drove.

We popped along to the yurt and as soon as we arrived the boy ran to the log circle. I love how simple this is and yet how compelling it is to small boys. I think we need to do something similar in the grotty bit of the garden that doesn't get used for anything.

Trains go with us pretty much everywhere. He has mostly unbranded ones but Granny & Grandpa bought him a couple from the Thomas the Tank Engine series and they get a lot of play. They rarely stay with their given names though.

These ones were driven on top of tables, underneath tables (whilst we had our brunch) and through the grass and gravel - who needs a track.

I love the simplicity of childhood. The best thing about any cafe or restaurant that we go into is a glass of ice to crunch and handle. He eschewed his ice cream in favour of ice this day.

We are now home and trying to make sense of all the sorting out that comes with a car full of things.

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