Monday, 10 January 2011

Bits and (finger)bobs

For anyone who remembers Fingermouse here is Matthew's homage. He's very proud of the results and I have to say it was a very cute mouse.

The boy is fascinated by small spaces and hiding in cupboards at the moment - I was a little surprised at just how small a box he could get into and close up. How is that he takes up so much room in bed then?

Another in my occasional series of cow art. We went for afternoon tea (and a romp in the ponds for the dog) to Limes Farm, it's a lovely barn conversion that our friend and neighbour helps to run. I loved these cow paintings but not only are they too big for our house they're also too rich for our bank account. Lovely to look at though.

Isaac was very happily absorbed in playing waiter the whole time.

Isabel did a bit of exploring but mostly just chomped on plastic food and tea spoons.

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