Sunday, 16 January 2011


Today has been a day of firsts. After considering elimination communication when I was pregnant it didn't work out that easy for us to do from birth but I always wanted to have a go at some stage and have sat Isabel on the potty a few times - she was singularly unimpressed. Today though I don't know if I timed it right or if she just understood but we've had 3 successes on the potty. Unfortunately the way we can tell she's gone is she starts dipping her hands in it... we have some work to do there. EC is not toilet or potty training but responding to a child's cues in much the same way as feeding on cue is. I'm still not that great at reading the signals so I'm just offering the potty at nappy change time and as we've always encouraged a nappy off wee then it's not been a huge jump. I don't expect her to be dry any time soon but my friends who have done part time EC have found that their children have been out of nappies much sooner than is common.

And then this evening I was upstairs unpicking some sewing and heard Issy on the stairs. Usually she does the bottom two stairs and then yells but when I went to look she was half way up and she carried on all the way to the top. (Photo from Matthew's iPhone in low light so please excuse the quality.)

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