Thursday, 27 January 2011

Strawberry tickles

It's great when friends without children visit - there's so much energy! (It also helps when they bring home made tiramisu and chocolate mousse....)

There were lots of tickled toes, hair cuts (pretend ones) and some hospital play.

And the animals had so much fun they all had to have a big sleep...

And then today was strawberries for breakfast. I'm not a fan of out of season fruit but sometimes you have to go with the child's request.

Isabel finished them off for tea as well (after spaghetti and pesto).


  1. Hannah, you must be much less concerned about stains than me! I get all Monica-ish at those pics (and I am very rarely Monica-ish about anything!)

  2. We have a dog... this has two benefits, he clears up and he makes enough stains that strawberries are the least of my worries ;~)