Sunday, 17 July 2011

Car journeys

Car journeys with small children go something like this:

Mummy, are we on the motorway?
no, this is our road
Mummy, a lemon shark... [details fade out]
a ha
Mummy, are we on the motorway?
no darling the motorway doesn't go to Danna's house
But we go on the motorway to Granny & Grandpas
yes we did but they've moved now
Mummy can we go on a plane to see Granny & Granpa
yes darling but not today
Mummy, can we drive to the airplane?
we can drive to the airport, yes
Mummy can we get a taxi to the airport?
we could do but if we're all going we'd probably take our car
What on the plane?
No just to the airport
[I don't respond for a nanosecond]
Mummy, are we going really fast?
yes dear
Mummy I saw a tree.
uh huh
Mummy, did you know that... [details fade]
Mummy, is this the motorway?
no darling
Mummy, can I have the window open?
[opens window]
Mummy can you close the window.
[closes window]

repeat repeat repeat - and we're not even out of town yet.

from the other seat there is mostly roooooar and lion signs.

Thankfully after a while one slept and one went digging for treasure with a duplo crocodile and it was mostly an easy drive.

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