Tuesday, 26 July 2011

On Fairy's Wings

The boy does fly around the place. Leaping, skipping, twirling, spinning. He has a lightness to his being that I love.

There was help in the kitchen when I made cookies.

And lots of 'sharing' (Isabel only offers when she's had enough).

And then this afternoon we headed off to Hook Norton park. Another village with a great play area! As it's the school holidays there were groups of older children (preteens) around and Isaac was watching everything they were up to. He did his usual thing of climbing to the tallest point and sitting on a post (I try not to watch) to which a group of girls kept yelling 'that little boy's going to fall'. Isaac was so busy telling him that he wasn't that I thought he might get distracted but he was fine. After watching some of the older boys climb up the outside of the slide guess who else did it. There were cheers and a helping hand from the crowd when he got to the top. This was of course repeated many many times long after the crowd had gone. He was asked many many times how old he was ('almost 4') and small children were yelling at parents that 'he's only 3 you know' much to his disdain - almost 4 is SO much older!

Isabel swung, slid and played with shoes - neither of my children keep their own shoes on for long, and mine were wrestled from me.


  1. Oh I recognise so much of your post, almost 6 is better than 5

  2. We have the same shoes. :0)

  3. fairies, cookies and climbing -sounds like a nice day :) We love the new Hooky park too.