Monday, 4 July 2011

Simple things

The weekend has been one of slow days here but manic happenings at Granny & Grandpa's. It was moving day today so there's been a lot of packing and goodbyes to be done. Yesterday Isaac and Matthew spent the day there and Isabel and I had a quiet day at home. Isabel gets very upset when they leave the house and I don't know how much us because she wants to go too and how much she just doesn't want Isaac to go. Her response is generally to have a cry, have a feed and then go to sleep. And sleep she did. She slept for nearly 3 hours in the morning and then an hour in the afternoon too. It meant I got a lot of reading done.

We did venture out to the Hobby Horse festival - mainly because at some point in every day she finds her shoes and demands they're put on and then signs swings and so off we go. It was a hot muggy day and after walking to the park and a quick play on the swings she was happy to go in the sling and look around the busy park. We saw the local falconry centre's display and the Dogs for the Disabled dogs who train locally but otherwise there wasn't much for a small girl so we went home to the cool of the house.

Grandpa's money box came home with the boys and both children spent a long time slotting coins into it and then shaking them out again.

It doesn't feel like the weather's been that great in the last week or so but actually we've had very little rain and the garden is showing it. I've been reminded why I don't do potted plants... they need regular watering.

A simple task for today was to make a punnet of black currants into cordial. It should be simple but for small helpers which resulted in most of them being in the sink which was in the usual state of being half full. I salvaged what I could. I then left the pan on the stove whilst I put the washing out - thankfully with the timer on so it didn't burn on the bottom but it was close.

It was very hot today but at least sunny rather then muggy. The paddling pool got filled. The dog roasted himself in full sun. She sometimes had her hat on but mostly didn't. She sometimes had Isaac's socks on (odd ones) and one croc (again Isaac's and on the wrong foot). She was always on dog watch making sure that I knew at all times where he was by lots of pointing and saying 'dog' over and over and over and over.

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